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Give Your Paralegal Career a Boost

Instead of just reviewing test materials, CP Exam Prep, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida, helps you analyze the types of questions on the actual certification test, improving your ability to think critically. This is the single most valuable skill for a paralegal to possess. The analytical tools you'll gain in our classes will put you one step closer to passing the CP exams and help you on the road to success in your career.

Our Classes

Increase your chances of passing your career exams. The more prepared you are for the examination, the more likely you'll pass on your first attempt. We've assisted many people, tailoring our program to review and study the materials you'll be tested on helping you avoid the traps and pitfalls of the examination. Being aware greatly increases your chances of success.

Our Focus

Are you ready to receive your paralegal certificate? Then we're ready to help. Our comprehensive, interactive, nine-week course is designed to review all components of the examination to become a certified paralegal.  The required core classes that are still a part of the examination, include:

» Communications » Judgment and Analytical Abilities
» Ethics » Legal Research   
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Class Structure

Take your CP exam with confidence. Our classes are designed to give you sufficient time to study the lesson materials prior to each interacvtive class. You will take a two-part mock exam that simulates the actual test on the final week of the study course. Areas of study include judgment and analytical abilities, ethics and human relations, and communications, in addition to:

» Legal Research and Legal Terminology » Contracts
» General Law » Interview Techniques
» Litigation » A Mock Exam
» Business Organizations

Course Cost

Now that you've  reviewed our website, learned about the course details, and understand the importance of preparation, its time to enroll!  CP Exam Prep provides secure payment options. We look forward to helping you pass the exam. The cost for the entire course is $325; and individual classes are $50 each.

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